Be honest with yourself...

If you’re an e-commerce business operating in the luxury space, and you could grow your organic traffic by 2X, plus double your profit margin, how much more money would you make?

Are you a marketing leader at an ecommerce company making 7 figures?

I know that you're sick of spending 6-7 figures on Google ads. I know that you have an attribution problem. I know that you don't quite believe in your SEO strategy (if you even have one).You feel stuck in a cycle and you can't see a way out. You're too reliant on PPC and it's eating away at your profit margins.But you're worried that SEO will take too much time. You're worried that you can't convince your key stakeholders to pull back on PPC budget and spend on SEO.Well, let me tell you this.You are leaving millions of organic traffic dollars on the table.And the longer you wait, the harder it will be to rank.There is no silver bullet, so stop waiting to find one and face up to the facts.Investing in SEO will skyrocket your margins and set the business up for long term growth.Stop paying per click, and start investing in SEO where there are no limits to your growth.If you want help implementing a truly effective SEO strategy at the luxury e-commerce company you work for, consider working with me or my team - I offer a range of options for different needs, so feel free to see what's right for you.

Don't believe me? See for yourself.

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The dark arts have no place in our SEO world.We've seen enough smoke and mirrors to know that the industry needs a shake-up. That's why we're dedicated to transparent and accountable SEO that delivers on promises and steadfast commitment.We're all about quality, focused leads that drive real results. Forget chasing small gains—we're here to nurture game changers.Candy-coated consulting? Not our style. Building brand loyalty takes time, and we're in it for the long haul. SEO is our weapon of choice because it compounds in terms of growth, offering incremental return on investment unlike high-maintenance PPC.

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SupportStrategy only with 2x 1 hour calls with me each month.GuruStrategy only with 4 hours of 1-2-1 Google Meet calls. Access to a shared virtual space Monday-Friday for support and guidance. Up to 3 team members involvement in comms & calls.Fractional SEO LeadFull SEO strategy direction and analysis. Effectively an in-house SEO lead on a contract+part time basis.



Sign up if:You're a senior marketer struggling with Organic Growth & you need proven adviceYou're desperate to build a content strategy that drives customers & revenueYou need help with content creation systems that can halve your workloadYou want to get better at SEO quickly & without the pain of coursesYou're ready to grow as a professional with no bullsh*t advice